Treasure Hunts

Welcome to Infinite Homepage Treasure Hunts!

Taking advantage of the huge size of Infinite Homepage, treasure hunts will lead you through a journey deep inside of this website.

Each clue will lead you to a different box and completing the hunt could lead to a reward - either prestige, gems or even real money.

Starting a Hunt

Get started here, or by clicking 'official hunts' on the control panel (top right button on homepage).

Choose a hunt you'd like to start and click it to copy the clue into the new box.

Now you'll need to work out the answer. To make a guess, enter in the clue's number and your answer to the hunt panel and press guess.

Answers get processed down and stripped of spaces, special characters and capitals, so don't worry about those when guessing.

The clue box number and your answer will get added up into a new number, which is where you'll be taken.

If you were correct you'll see the next clue, if not - nothing! Though a good hunt will have anticipated some likely wrong answers and put a comment in to help you. Be careful not to lose your place!

Keep going until you reach the end of the hunt!

Creating a Hunt

Creating a hunt is easy - just start at the beginning and work forwards.

You'll need to lock each clue box to make sure it doesn't get changed. Make sure your first clue is numbered higher than 1,000,000 so that you're able to lock it permanently. Then you can advertise the start of the hunt on lower numbers.

Add your first clue to the start and make sure to include any helpful information, like the difficulty, number of steps and if there's any reward . You can always return and edit this when the hunt is completed!

To progress, put the clue box number and the correct answer into the hunt panel and press guess. This new box is where the next clue will go - lock it and start editing.

If there are wrong answers you think people will try, visit those boxes and add an encouraging comment!

Handy Tips

When you finish a hunt, make sure to add a comment to a nearby box.

If you think you got it right, double check that the clue box number you added is correct, even a single number out will completely change the destination.

Multiple choice hunts are the easiest ones - there's no penalty for getting it wrong!

Make sure to keep track of where you are, if you lose your place you might need to start over!

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